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Thursday was a rough day in Donald Trump’s quest to silence all the women who are grabbing back against the p*ssy grabber in chief. Not only did the lawyer for Stormy Daniels reveal he’s vetting two more women who allegedly received even bigger hush-money payments from Trump than Daniels, Trump also suffered a major legal setback in the defamation suit filed against him by former Apprentice contestant, Summer Zervos, who says Trump sexually assaulted her.

A New York appeals court Thursday denied Trump’s attempt to pause the case as his lawyers sought to get the suit dismissed. Sorry not sorry.

Trump had sought to stay the case while he pursued his appeal but, without explanation, the judges said, “The motion is denied.”

And that wasn’t the only dagger delivered by the decision to let the case move forward.

Stephen Gillers of New York University Law School told the Washington Post the ruling could be very consequential for Trump.

Gillers said the ruling allows Zervos’s lawyers to proceed with pretrial discovery, which can include demands for documents and depositions, including of Trump. The trial judge, Gillers said, will have to decide whether to allow a Trump deposition and under what conditions, which could require Zervos’s lawyers to issue written questions.

Lawyers for Zervos already subpoenaed The Apprentice tapes earlier this month, which reportedly contain jaw-droppingly racist quotes from Trump. The attorney for Zervos, Mariann Wang, has also offered to work around Trump’s busy golf schedule to depose him.

“We can certainly ensure that we take a deposition down at Mar-A-Lago in between his playing golf,” Zervos attorney Mariann Wang cracked during a December court appearance.

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  1. I can not take another day of President Scumbag and all his asshole criminal associates!!!????????☹️????

  2. Imagine how many kids would love to go their friends and school mates and tell them them their dad is a POTUS.

    I can think of one that probably wishes they never knew.

    • Can you imagine what this poor kid must be going through at his school? Let’s hope he can overcome the corruption that has engulfed most of his immediate family.


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