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With the tragic mass shooting at Sante Fe High School in Texas unfolding over the past few hours, it’s a good time to remember what is not being done about the gun violence threatening our children. It’s also important to note that the NRA loves Texas Republicans. According to Texas Monthly, Texas Republicans have gotten the most yummy money from the NRA since 1998.

Nine members of the Texas delegation—all Republicans—received A+ ratings from the NRA. These include senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Another 18 members—all Republicans except for U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Laredo—received an A grade. Seven Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke—who is hoping to unseat Cruz in the Senate this fall—received an F rating. Only two Texas Democrats—U.S. Rep. Gene Green, from Houston, and Cuellar—accepted any money from the NRA.

An important thing to note about the “numbers” given below: They are complete lowball numbers of direct contributions to these elected officials. They do not include the myriad other dark avenues through which big money contributors can give to campaigns.

Santa Fe High School is in Republican Randy Weber’s district. Randy has a coveted “A” rating from the NRA.

Meanwhile, Pete Sessions, a Republican “proudly representing Texas’s 32nd Congressional District,” hasn’t begun praying yet, but make sure you don’t brush up against a police officer! He’s received more than $150,000 from the NRA over the years and has an “A+” rating

Failed human being Sen. Ted Cruz is a top NRA lapdog. Here he is, using his messiah complex to send out the good juju to dead children.

CNN is reporting that Sen. Cruz is flying to Texas as we speak. Probably wants to “think” and “pray” in front of cameras. It’s also a good time to get some more NRA money, and Cruz has already received at least $77,500 over the years.

John Culberson is another A+ NRA fellow with just under $50K from his Second Amendment overlords.

A “first responder” to Culberson’s Tweet had this to say.

Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe is an “A” rating kind of guy.

Good point. If law enforcement hadn’t arrived swiftly, more people would have died. Of course, at least 10 are dead already. So fuck. You.

Judge Ted Poe says:

He retired this past year after he spent 15 years being an A+, $15,500-kinda NRA stooge.

One of the single dumbest and most terrible people in the world, Rep. Louie Gohmert, looked into his teeny tiny heart, truly.

And Brian Babin, who already had gotten thousands from the NRA and his A rating, didn’t even care to try.

Never fear: Texas, Rep. Pete Olson and his $15K from the NRA are “closely monitoring this situation.”

Maybe “this” situation is how much more money he can get out of the NRA to drown the soul he once had? Who is to say?!?!

Finally, Rep. Barry Loudermilk took his NRA endorsement and A rating right to God.

Good news, Barry! According to your religion, God is with all of them now! Except if they’re not Christian, and more specifically your kind of Christian. In fact, statistically speaking, the person who killed all of these people might be the only one “with God,” according to your special set of beliefs!

Please feel free to drop in any other Texas elected officials spouting off hypocritical bullshit in the comment thread below.

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  1. I hate the commies. I hate Trump. I hate the GOP. I hate the NRA. By making the GOP give up its place to another party in November, tRump, the commies, and the GOP and the NRA, all under communist influence, will have been banned from our country as early as november 6 2018: WE the people!


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