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CNN is reporting as many as eight people have been murdered at Sante Fe High School in Texas after an assailant entered the school with a shotgun. With students still being screened on the lawn of the high school, with eight of their peers and/or teachers deceased, at least one Trump supporter decided this was the time to put on his MAGA hat, grab his American flag, strap his open-carry pistol to his hip and head on down to the high school. Watch as he tries to justify his deplorable display and another man calls him out:

Is this backlash from the vocal, effective leadership of the teens who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting? Will the NRA’s most dedicated followers begin showing up every time there is a shooting to be a counter voice to those who are suffering real-time trauma from gun violence?

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  1. I’ve been in Texas for 10 yrs. They are against teaching critical thinking skills in the schools, it’s part of the Republican Party platform. This fool really doesn’t realize he did anything wrong. He’s so stupid he thinks that the hat, the flag, & the gun will provide emotional support, instead of doing something useful like donating blood for the people that were blown apart. They really are that stupid down here. I hope the kids will stand up & holler ENOUGH & use this as a call to activism & replacing the politicians that are bought & paid for by the NRA & bribed (I mean campaign contributions), to vote against any types of gun regulations. How many people have to die before someone like this lug nut think there’s a problem?

  2. Was he too chicken to come by during the shooting and help?
    This administration seems to perpetuate a lot of loud mouth, stand up cowards.

    • “This administration seems to perpetuate a lot of loud mouth, stand up cowards.”

      Yeah, but, if Donnie John had been there all would have gone differently, as he has said about the Parkland massacre “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” – Donald Trump


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