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The Trump and Republican tax cuts for the rich served one purpose: to fleece the average American citizen, to pay the top one percent of our country. A new study from the United Way ALICE Project says that about 43 percent of American households cannot afford a budget that allows for rent, food, health care, transportation and cell phone service.

The figure includes the 16.1 million households living in poverty, as well as the 34.7 million families that the United Way has dubbed ALICE — Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This group makes less than what’s needed “to survive in the modern economy.”

“Despite seemingly positive economic signs, the ALICE data shows that financial hardship is still a pervasive problem,” said Stephanie Hoopes, the project’s director.

To add further perspective, Trump and the Republican Party are now waging a war on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program—promising deep cuts to food assistant programs that Americans, and veterans, need now more than ever. They’ve also attached the cult-like caveat that they will control the food families in need have access to. All to help pay for their scam tax cuts.

Elections tend to have a few issues the majority of Americans are worried about. As we enter into the midterm elections this fall, the “booming” Trump economy seems to continue to be a top contender for “reasons we run politicians out of town.” Donald Trump, like most self-proclaimed “job creators,” has shown that his ability to make smart economic decisions is compromised by the fact that he’s terrible at everything he does. Hopefully, the right decisions will be made at the ballot box for the next few years; and more importantly, the people elected in the coming months and years heed citizens’ calls to make America a better place economically, for families.

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