Republican Representative Tom Coleman spells out how Donald J Trump committed treason against the United States of America.

Separate and equally shocking, NYTimes has article out claiming Carter Page was an actual Russian spy!

This will make it real for many people.

The question we must now ask is were these Russian cyber attacks merely crimes on a massive scale, or, as cyber expert George Lucas asks, do they represent something different — acts of war? And if a state of war existed between the two nations, could the actions and comments of Donald Trump and his campaign officials therefore be considered treasonable?


Trump’s comments and actions during this time are damning. He continually called for release of Russian cyber hacked documents that were intended to influence the outcome of the election. Based upon the preponderance of these known facts, it would be stunningly feasible to answer “yes” to the following: Did Trump assist Russia in its conduct of cyber war against the United States?  Did the cumulative effect of the Trump campaign and Trump’s personal actions result in aiding and abetting a hostile nation?  Did Trump’s actions rise to the level of giving aid and comfort to an enemy?…

“For example, if it turns out, as it now appears, that the president was willing to give a special break to a dangerous company so it could spy on America, ZTE, in exchange for 500 million bucks from China to help him pay for the Indonesia project, that would be explosive, and it might well do the trick,” Tribe said.

The president’s new lawyer went on Fox News to discuss an explosive report by the New York Times about a possible Russian spy working for the Trump campaign, and Tribe said that could be enough to impeach.

“The fact is that the Justice Department had strong evidence that there was a Russian spy, that Carter Page was actually a Russian spy planted in the United States and going back and forth and revealing secrets to Russia while being part of the campaign,” Tribe said. “If that kind of thing blossoms as fully as I think it might, even this supine Congress that hasn’t stood up to him might wake up.”…

I think they are referring to this article.

That is just stunning to me to hear that said by a Republican United States representative.

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  1. From the population of Australia and possibily the rest of the known world!……..when is this Idiot going to bugger off and take the criminals hes put in position of powe/greed with him!!!!!… America, please grow a set and do it!!!!!


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