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Walter Shaub is the former government ethics chief. As we speak he has been poring over Trump’s released financial forms. He tweeted out this just a little after 1 PM PST.

That’s quite a range. This may be due to the fact that every time something related to Trump’s “finances” is released, everybody has to go through the super insane maze of dubious accounting practices Trump employs. It also goes to the evidence that no matter who you are, if you are involved with Donald Trump in any capacity, you are cashing in your chips and trying to maintain whatever you think your brand should be to persevere through your time with the Donald.

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  1. Has GOD abamdon us ? PLease, let start Praying and ask for forgiveness for the big mistake we made voting for this unchristian,low life person with no moral values as President of the greatest Christian Nation on the face of this Earth. PLEASE GOD, FORGIVE US AND GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO FIGTH AND GET RID OF THIS MONSTER.

    • I don’t think Christian rights are at stake at this point. But if you are nonwhite, non-straight, non-Christian, or non-male, things are very much up in the air.

  2. IS anyone surprised? The entire family, with the exception of Barron, is making money off Don the Con’s presidency.


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