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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump decided to hold a classy one of his roundtable “press conferences,” where people sitting around him at the table kiss his ring and then he says terrible, awful things to the world. One of the numerous things he said, after blaming Democrats for the laws that are breaking up immigrant families by somehow making his ICE agents break up families, was this:

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”

He must be talking about the tens of thousands of immigrants and their families who marched on May Day. Maybe he’s just talking about all the kids his gestapo forces ICE have been detaining. Get those little monsters early! Of course, a lot of these “animals” have already died because of our inhumanity, but fascism being what it is, Trump can’t be bothered to worry about the details. Details like Gabriela Hernandez and her two little children, seeking asylum. I guess we will have to wait to see if these “animals” get to stay here.

Of course, people like Donald Trump don’t have the balls to face children and their families as they hug one another across a fence created out of bigotry and greed.

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  1. He can tell it to his new cellmate, Bubba!
    Think of all the multi-racial law enforcement and court officials who will have the satisfaction of seeing this ‘monster’ being fed to the machine of ‘due process’.
    Not to mention, the majority of Americans!
    “Oh, it’s happening, baby!”

  2. The “animals” are in the WH, NOT in those looking for asylum.
    And while we’re on this subject, how about deporting at least one of his two eligible wives, and his daughter and their family? And others in the tRump family that also need to be deported under his “rules”. Trump is too dumb to be behind the deportations; I doubt he even knows what “deport” even means, actually.

  3. What to see what an amimal really looks like. Just see the above Smug Faced, Stupid expression of D for DUMB trump. That White House worthless, M-FUCKING CRAP SHIT & his Equally Worthless White House WHORE.


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