Late Night with Seth Meyers, Screencapture / YouTube seth myers screencapture...
Late Night with Seth Meyers, Screencapture / YouTube

It only took 299 days as White House Press Secretary, but we have finally been given the truth from Sarah Huckabee Sanders—ok well it also took Seth Meyers and a bunch of editing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is out at the podium corroborating Donald Trump’s lies on a nearly daily basis but even she was no match for Seth Meyers in this mock press briefing from his show last night.

In the video, Meyers asks Sanders the burning questions the American people want to know.

Questions like:

“What’s the Trump administrations biggest weakness?”

Or,  “How do you think the history books will remember the Trump presidency?” To which an edited Sanders responds, “Nothing more than a poorly executed PR stunt.”

It’s true that we may never get this much transparency from the White House without the help of Adobe Premiere and a comedian’s wit, but it feels nice to pretend and laugh a little in these trying times. ​​​​​​​



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