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Well, this is odd.

New Yorker

“Last week, several news outlets obtained financial records showing that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, had used a shell company to receive payments from various firms with business before the Trump Administration. In the days since, there has been much speculation about who leaked the confidential documents, and the Treasury Department’s inspector general has launched a probe to find the source. That source, a law-enforcement official, is speaking publicly for the first time, to The New Yorker, to explain the motivation: the official had grown alarmed after being unable to find two important reports on Cohen’s financial activity in a government database. The official, worried that the information was being withheld from law enforcement, released the remaining documents. (snip)

The report also refers to two previous suspicious-activity reports, or sars, that the bank had filed, which documented even larger flows of questionable money into Cohen’s account. Those two reports detail more than three million dollars in additional transactions—triple the amount in the report released last week. Which individuals or corporations were involved remains a mystery. But, according to the official who leaked the report, these sars were absent from the database maintained by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or fincen. The official, who has spent a career in law enforcement, told me, “I have never seen something pulled off the system. . . . That system is a safeguard for the bank. It’s a stockpile of information. When something’s not there that should be, I immediately became concerned.” The official added, “That’s why I came forward.” (snip)

By January of this year, First Republic had filed the three suspicious-activity reports about Cohen’s account. The most recent report—the only one made public so far—examined Cohen’s transactions from September of 2017 to January of 2018, and included activity totalling almost a million dollars. It alludes to the two previous reports that the official could not find in the fincendatabase. The first report that the official was unable to locate, which covered almost seven months, appears to have listed a little over a million dollars in activity. The second report that the official was unable to locate, which investigated a three-month period between June and September of 2017, found suspect transfers totalling more than two million dollars.”

So, evidence of three millions of dollars of almost certain graft “disappeared” from government records.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have asked for the records to be suppressed, but why only two of three?

The LEO whistle-blower has his doubts and is looking over his shoulder….

“According to FinCEN, disclosing a SAR is a federal offense, carrying penalties including fines of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and imprisonment for up to five years. The official who released the suspicious-activity reports was aware of the risks, but said fears that the missing reports might be suppressed compelled the disclosure. “We’ve accepted this as normal, and this is not normal,” the official said. “Things that stand out as abnormal, like documents being removed from a system, are of grave concern to me.” Of the potential for legal consequences, the official said, “To say that I am terrified right now would be an understatement.” But, referring to the released report, as well as the potential contents of the missing reports, the official also added, “This is a terrifying time to be an American, to be in this situation, and to watch all of this unfold.”

Terrifying indeed.

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  1. It is worth remembering that Russian hackers who, along with hacking into our energy sites, also hacked into Banks here and in the UK, wherein they embezelled millions of dollars and hid the missing funds by altering account data to make it apear that everything was normal. This activity was reported on the website WhoWhatWhere. This kind of hacking expertise could have easily removed the material mentioned in your article, and it could have also altered our National election voting data.

    America has been incredibly naive when it comes to cybercrime and warfare.

    Add in John Boloton, National Security Advisor, announcing that he is removing the National Cyber Advisor Post today, to the growing evidence that appears to link Trump to Russian tampering with our National elections and I think every American citizen’s hair should be standing on end regarding the degrees of corruption that appear to be occuring at the highest level of our Government. Including trading deals with China to favor Trump’s personal gains, and the fact that North Korea is potentially leading Trump into a trap regarding false promises that could destabilize the far East nations aligned with us: South Kore, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

    I thank this government official who risked his career to report this missing information.


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