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The Senate Judiciary Committee has released over 2,500 pages of transcripts and documents associated with a 2017 interview of Donald Trump Jr., publicist Rob Goldstone and three Russians who attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting between the upper levels of Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives. Those transcripts reveal that Trump Jr. gave conflicting answers as to whether his father was involved in creating the statement that attempted to paint the meeting as an innocent discussion of “adoption.” When initially asked about Trump’s involvement, Trump Jr. responded that he didn’t know, and that “I never spoke to my father about it.” However, he later admitted that Trump Sr. “May have commented through Hope Hicks,” and admitted that Trump may have taken a role in creating the statement issued by Trump Jr.

The release also includes a set of emails between Goldstone and Trump assistant Rhona Graff, including an invite for Donald Trump to visit Moscow and drop in on Vladimir Putin.

I totally understand re Moscow – unless maybe he would welcome a meeting with President Putin which Emin would set up. …

Thanks so much,


Also included are multiple emails between Goldstone and Russian developer Emin Agalarov that make it clear just how badly Russia wanted to meet with Trump and how anxious they were to pass along information detrimental to Hillary Clinton, along with the Trump’s campaign’s willingness to cooperate. Goldstone’s email exchanges also contain information on using Russian social media to help the Trump campaign.

Hey Don,

While I was In Moscow last week I met with the head of marketing for Russia’s largest social media network VK (Facebook) about Emin projects, and the subject of Russian American voters in USA came up. There are over 2.7 million registered Russian speaking voters in the USA and most have VK social media accounts!

The head of marketing, who is a personal friend, is keen to set up a Trump Campaign VOTE page on VK (similar to the mock up below) targeted at Russian and CIS voters in the USA. I will bring a print out of this below tomorrow—but let me know if I should send to someone in your social media department to have them OK the page etc. As you know, most Russians and Russian Americans are Trump supporters—so this type of marketing to them will surely secure their votes in places like NYC, NJ, California, VA, Michigan and Illinois—where most of their populations reside.



The transcripts also show that Donald Trump Jr. was more than willing to engage in the “I don’t recall” defense, stating that he could not remember details of the meeting, calls to and from Russia, and the circumstances of his talk with Air Force One while the excuse memo was being prepared.

It will take some time to examine all the information that was released, but it seems to confirm most of what was already known: The Russian government was enthusiastically engaged in a program to support Donald Trump, members of the Trump campaign were eager to join in, and both Trump Jr. and Trump Sr. attempted to cover up the true purpose and extent of contacts.


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  1. Let’s be realistic. Trump Jr. is nothing but a pathetic liar like his father. THese two worthless POS has been lying tpo the American people from the start. And like the fools, America has become we allowed it to happen and fail to make them acountable. WE deserve what we get but they deserve much worse.


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