Today’s N.Y. Daily News is not in total disagreement with the White House, there is even an opinion piece contained therein parroting the official Trumpian claim the Hamas is responsible for the IDF’s use of live ammunition and snipers to quell yesterday’s protest at Gaza’s prison…er…border fence.

N.Y. Daily News

“The rejectionists insist that Israel and America brought the violence on by opening a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. But the recognition of Israel’s capital by its closest ally is patent pretext.

For Hamas, the initial and enduring sin is that little supposed blot on the map where Jews are allowed to live, protected by law and governing their own affairs. Even after a 2017 revision, Hamas’ charter calls for the “complete liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.” It continues: “The resistance to occupation, by all means and methods, is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws, customs and international laws.”

The Op-ed fails to mention that by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the U.S. has effectively dashed the hopes and dreams of Palestinians that East Jerusalem will one day be the capital of a Palestinian homeland.

That is not on Hamas, that belong to Trump.

But they did their bit for fair and balanced, I suppose.

No matter that opinion buried deep in back pages, however, it is the opinion expressed on the above cover that New Yorkers will wake up to this morning.

I could not find the accompanying article on the paper’s website, but you can read it here:


Pray for peace.

Pray for Palestine

Pray for us all.

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  1. The Middle East has it’s own set of problems, and regardless of which side you are on, giving favors to either side only fans the flames for more chaos and more delays in negotiations.
    Trump is an American problem, and for America to resolve. Allowing him to dictate and change existing policies abroad, is against our country’s best interests, militarily and economically.

  2. The impostor president does not know history. He does not care about our allies & backing out of agreements. He’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen elected to any public office at any time & there’s quite a bit of competition for that honor. He surrounds himself with “advisers” that are even dumber then he is & his entire existence is a dick measuring contest. How many people are going to die because he’s too stupid to seek guidance from qualified public servants that know what they’re doing? His recklessness has cost the lives of our servicemen & now he’s stirring a hornet’s nest where they haven’t found peace in hundreds of years & children are dying. In the meantime he’s enriching his family, emptying the treasury into the pockets of the rich & himself & worrying about how long it’s going to take until he’s arrest for collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election. I hope we can get out of this mess without a nuclear war.


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