Donald Trump produces his most Queeg-worthy tweet to date

journalforeignrelations / Flickr Donald Trump at CPAC...
journalforeignrelations / Flickr

While the thought that Donald Trump has definitely lost his strawberries is common enough, a tweet Trump produced on Monday evening was enough to keep any number of review boards pondering for months.

The leaks aren’t real. They’re an exaggeration from the Fake News. Massive.

Ah, but the leakers, that’s, that’s where Trump has them. They may be laughing at him now, but he’ll prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, with geometric logic, that the—completed exaggerated, fake news leaks—came from traitors. Traitor and cowards. And he will find them. Yes, he will.

And now, Donald Trump will conduct international trade policy and prepare for negotiations over nuclear weapons. Because … all of us are still being towed along on this nightmare journey.

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