Massachusetts GOP Candidate Blames Holocaust On Gay Nazis….yes, you read that right.

MassLive / YouTube GOP candidate for governor Scott Lively...
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Scott Lively, an attorney and pastor who has advocated for anti-LGBT laws around the world, won 28% of the vote at the convention at the end of April — much more than the 15% needed to get onto the ballot to challenge incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker in the primary.

He is the former author of a book that surmised that the holocaust was caused by, yes.. you guessed it, a conspiracy of gay men within the nazi party.

Want to read the book? /snark. Check out “The Pink Swastika,” and read how the militant gay men controlled the holocaust.

He also was active in Africa supporting anti-gay causes, and he helped lead to the passage of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, a 2009 law that in some cases called for the death penalty.

You can read more about him here.

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This dude needs a serious psych-eval!! I wonder what cuckoo flew over his nest.