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Holy Cow, my head is spinning!  Earlier today, Michael Avenatti sent out a tweet.  He posted some pictures, taken on 12/12/16 (during the Transition), showing Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn and some people in a Trump Tower elevator, behind Cohen.  Who are these guys?

Some hours later, Avenatti explains.  Seems the bald man in the elevator is Ahmed al-Rumaihi, a former Qatar diplomat and the current head of Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Interesting that Al-Rumaihi bragged about bribing administration officials in court documents, for sure.  But what could those bribes be related to?   I obviously don’t know, but the minute I learned who Al-Rumaihi was, my gears started turning.

Below are some bullet points that might help us flush out what could be going on here:

Please feel free to add comments….because I’m not sure what to make of all this.  But I am getting “the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck” type feeling.

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  1. “But the Russians and Saudis are our friends!” Let’s see how long that keeps playing.
    I don’t blame Qatar for not volunteering anything about Kushner. Let the boy sweat it out when the FBI interrogates him. Jared must have got real chaffed riding that fence, and it ain’t over!


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