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The chickens are coming home to roost. And yet-

I think we all believed when Trump’s horrendous policies started to affect Trump voters, they would start to see the light and the error of their ways.

But their capacity for delusion and rationalization exceeds any known scale it can be measured on.

Here is the story of a landscaping business owner who is at risk of losing his business because he can’t get enough seasonal workers:

Eddie Devine voted for President Donald Trump because he thought he would be good for American business. Now, he says, the Trump administration’s restrictions on seasonal foreign labor may put him out of business.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” said Devine, owner of Harrodsburg-based Devine Creations Landscaping. “I feel so stupid.”

Devine says it has been years since he could find enough dependable, drug-free American workers for his $12-an-hour jobs mowing and tending landscapes for cemeteries, shopping centers and apartment complexes across Central Kentucky.

Well he got one thing right. Yes. Your (sic) stupid. What did you think would happen?

Of course he is not alone

He isn’t alone. Cuts in H-2B visas are hurting small businesses across the country that can’t find Americans willing to do hard, manual labor: Maryland crab processors, Texas shrimp fishermen, and Kentucky landscapers and construction companies.


If you have a taste for crab cakes you might have to do without this summer

Yes, he thinks Trump can “fix pit with his pen”. Sure he could. But this is what you voted for dumbass!! Better still he is blaming the “far right “ in Congress for preventing Trump from doing so. It’s always someone else’s fault. Never Trump’s. And anyway how does Congress stymie the signing of an executive order? Not that you can argue facts with them.

Any rationalization will do. They will not admit their hero is responsible. They are a lost virtually unreachable cause even when their own livelihoods are at stake

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  1. I’m hnot trying to be hard. But you damn fools deserved to be tricked. If you didn’t have enough common sense to see through Trumps hatred, evilness, bigotry and racist, then you brought it on yourself. Sorry is a sorry word and you will always reap what you sow.

  2. They weren’t tricked. They listened to the same blathering BS the rest of us did & where we were repulsed they said “Yeah, he’s our guy”. I don’t feel sorry for people that are stuck on stupid. Soybean farmers, is America looking great again for you? Employees of Carrier-You happy? Crops are rotting in the fields-will they care when lettuce is $5 a head. The miners-you hear them talking about how they come from many generations of coal miners & it’s in their blood. Yeah, the industry has been declining since the 1970’s & these fools don’t try to re-train, they think they can sit in a dying little town waiting for their jobs to come back. They’ve closed 27 mines since Trump took office. Is he making America great again for you? How about those fools that were dependent on the ACA for their chronic conditions that voted for Trump. Now they’re whining that the mines are closed & they can’t afford insurance woe is me. What’d you expect dumb ass. Is America great enough again for you yet? So while they’re sitting home festering in stupid maybe they can become foster parents for the little kids being ripped from their parents arms at the border to make America great again. You just can’t fix stupid.

    • Wow, fishouttawater, that was harsh. But, so fucking right on. Unfortunately, their problems go way beyond just being ignorant (stupid, if you will). The fear, the hatred, the need to attack (all based on their ignorance) will not be abated.

  3. Well, since he actually voted FOR the Devil, I don’t think he can complain since he and the other Trumpites were dumb enough to fall for the snake-oil salesman scam, they should have to deal with the fallout of their stupidity, and then profusely apologize for voting with their hate rather than their love of the country they claim to care about! Hopefully they will not vote for Trump or the Repubs in future elections, but then again they were stupid enough to fall for it once they’ll probably fall for it again. A sad day for our country, the day the Trump cult voted for Satan.


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