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Michael Avenatti, superhero extraordinaire (IMHO), just dropped this tweet:

This is very important because now he’s dropping information about where the money went. He also seems to be threatening that he has more.

Also interesting is that the Demeter Direct Inc. site is now down:

But a Google cache gives us the home page:…

Business Strategy Consulting and Investment

Demeter Direct, Inc. is a business strategy consulting and investment firm that specializes in helping global companies create growth through successful expansion into international markets. We assist companies in the United States and Asia in entering or expanding into global markets.

We offer a range of global business solutions to help companies succeed in international markets including feasibility studies, market entry strategy, brand development, brand partner search, product launch and promotion support as well as investment and investment consultation.

It looks like a company that helps your company get into foreign markets. That’s very intriguing. I wonder if there is any money laundering here?

Keep it coming, Mr. Avenatti!

Update: Here is the link to the wayback machine for the site. Their last entry is September 12th, 2017.

Wayback Machine Link for Demeter Direct

In the comments, DRo linked to this CNN story, which says that Mark Ko, the owner of Demeter Direct Inc., was used as a go-between for Korea Aerospace Industries. He said he acted as business consultant and translator.

Head of Demeter Direct tells CNN he worked for Cohen in Korea Aerospace deal

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