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Something new popped up in the Michael Cohen case.  As reported by Big Cases bot on Twitter, Attorney Peter J Gleason just filed a motion asking that documents pertaining to 2 victims of Eric Schneiderman (!) be exempt from the subpoena and seizure of documents that occurred at Cohen’s office.  The letter is here.

According to the letter, on 2 separate occasions, women approached this attorney with accusations of sexual assault against Schneiderman.  In both instances, this attorney recommended taking no action, telling the victims that given Schneiderman’s position, they would likely be turned on by the powers-that-be.  He then went on to consult “retired journalist” Steve Dunleavy, who recommended giving this info to Donald Trump.

Couple of thoughts.

1.  Steve Dunleavy was a typical tabloid “journalist” in the 80’s and 90’s — New York Post, “A Current Affair”.  I would describe him as oily.  So why would this attorney discuss the matter of two Schniederman victims with him, especially after advising that the women take no official action?

2.  Why would Dunleavy then recommend sharing this information with Donald Trump, of all people, in 2013?  What would be the point, except to pass along some dirt on Schniederman?  For what reason?  Maybe some insurance in case Schneiderman ever pursued cases against Trump?

3.  This attorney then got a call from Michael Cohen, with whom he then discussed the victims’ details.  So it sure seems like this attorney was blabbing the information around town with some skeevy characters, but recommending no official action.

Schneiderman is a pig.  But the bomb dropped on him sure was conveniently timed.  Now it looks like it was held in storage for 5 years — to be used when most helpful to Trump…..

Who knows what else will come up in this dumpster fire?

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