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Now that they have a friend in the White House, the Anti-Semites are coming out from under their rocks, with a vengeance:

A relatively unknown U.S. Senate candidate in California who was booted from the state’s Republican Party Convention for a campaign promise to “remove Jewish leaders” from power is getting new attention since seen surging in one political poll.

Patrick Little, an unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler who attended the Neo-Nazi March in Charlottesville last year, is now the Republican frontrunner in the California Senate Race, according to a new SUSA poll of likely voters. Little garnered 18% (behind Dianne Feinstein’s 39%), establishing him as the leader among GOP hopefuls running against Feinstein. The poll, released on April 24th (SUSA receives an “A” rating from Nate Silver’s 538 blog) also describes Little as Feinstein’s “likely Republican opponent” this November. And despite being denied permission to attend the GOP convention, Little is a fine (one might say “very fine”) example of what can slither out of the Republican Party in the age of Trump:

Little, who has praised Adolf Hitler and calls himself a “counter-Semite,” has been endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke and claims to draw inspiration from President Donald Trump.

“He showed me that people were willing to respond to dog whistles about whites having group interests, so I decided to state these things explicitly,” Little said.

And why not? The concept of sending “dog whistles” has always seemed a little cowardly. Most Americans aren’t politically savvy enough to recognize them anyway. And the American people deserve to know what they’re getting. Here’s the Republican frontrunner explaining his views on David Duke’s radio show earlier this week:

“This chutzpah, this audacity—it’s psychopathic levels of audacity—and everything that Trump promised, these Jewish supremacists are preventing him from delivering and taking away when he has delivered. Whether they do it through the judiciary—J-E-W-diciary—or through their control of the Congress through AIPAC, the largest lobby, it’s a Jewish lobby, in Washington.”

Little said that in his campaign he wants to “not only offer what Trump was offering, but more.”

Little has also weighed in on the Holocaust, dismissing it as fiction. In reality he says, camps like Auschwitz were far more luxurious than is generally portrayed by the “Fake” media:

“They had ice cream, swimming pools, orchestras, plays, they had soccer fields, soccer teams. They even had a whorehouse!” he exclaims. “I mean, shit, I’d like to take a vacation at Auschwitz.”

Some are disputing the “accuracy” and methodology of the poll (not all Republicans running were named as possible options, which may have skewed the results to Little). And Harmeet Dhillon, The California spokeswoman for the RNC vehemently denies that Little represents the positions of their Party:

“You know, we don’t want his money. We don’t want his supporters. We don’t want his ideology in our party in any way.”

Bullshit. Your Party has thrown its wholehearted support behind Donald Trump who you damn well know has repeatedly voiced or Tweeted his tacit support for these types of people, everywhere from Charlottesville to the little Pepe frog Tweets his offspring shared from alt-right web sites during the campaign. I must have missed the howls of condemnation coming from you or anyone running the show at GOP headquarters during that time, or since.  So you don’t get to say that people like Little don’t represent the views of your Party, when your own Party Leader has encouraged these same views.  If you want to disavow Little, you have to disavow Trump.

I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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