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Artist/Activist Michael D’Antuono is using his provocative art to send the GOP a powerfully simple message with three mobile billboards circling the Capitol from May 7-11. Here is an example:

The message – Be more concerned about protecting our democracy and less concerned about covering up for Trump. The artist was so incensed and inspired by the GOP’s apparent complicity in Trump’s attempts to cover-up his impeachable offenses, especially concerning the Russian hacking of our elections, he rented the small fleet of mobile billboards that are attracting curious crowds in DC.

D’Antuono believes all of our elected leaders, regardless of party, should want to get to the truth, even if it uncovers collusion by our president. Judging from the reaction of the tourists D’Antuono interviewed for a SHORT VIDEO documenting his little caravan, the public feel the same way. The video reveals an angry and  surprisingly enlightened public not deceived by right wing propaganda. It seems the GOP’s attempts to obstruct and discredit Mueller’s investigation isn’t fooling many people as they might think.

The video speaks for itself more powerfully than anything I can write here. Take a moment to see it and share it…with your friends and representatives.

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