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Donald Trump may be tiring of Rudy Giuliani’s media extravaganza, but it’s not quite over yet. In the course of assuring the Huffington Post Tuesday that Cohen has no incriminating evidence on Trump that would be useful to federal prosecutors, he also lamented the FBI’s raid on a “respectable” person like Cohen.

While Giuliani feels confident that Cohen will be taken down solo, he did reportedly express dismay that prosecutors resorted to a pre-dawn raid to collect his records. “I did that in organized crime cases. I did that in terrorism cases. I did that in murder cases,” Giuliani told the Huffington Post. “I didn’t do that with respectable people.”

Thanks for that clarification, Rudy.

And yeah, Giuliani totally threw Cohen under the bus in that interview.

“[Cohen] possesses no incriminating information about the president,” Rudy Giuliani told HuffPost, adding that any charges that may be filed against Cohen are unfortunate for him but would not affect Trump. “It’s of no consequence to the president.”

Unfortunate, indeed.

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  1. Guiliani is a fool and stupid worthless old man. You could almost say the samething about Trumps Gestopo (ICE’s) with they raid immigrants home. So do the world a favor stupid, STFU.


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