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Never mind that the U.S. has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear arms deal by unilaterally withdrawing, with no plan for a replacement or anything else. Having violated the agreement, having pissed off the UK, France, and Germany (not to mention Iran, which has vowed to comply with the deal anyway), the Trump administration is now demanding that the intrusive inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites continue.

Days after the US president walked away from a three-year-old deal that mandated rigorous inspections, senior administration officials said monitoring should continue regardless.

Known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the deal between Tehran and major world powers forces Iran to open any site to inspectors within 24 days and introduced 24-hour remote surveillance at some sites. […]

Making his withdrawal announcement on Tuesday, Trump pilloried the accord for lacking mechanisms to “prevent, detect, and punish cheating” or provide immediate access to suspicious military sites.

Still, the White House is demanding those inspections, however imperfect, continue under the aegis of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear watchdog.

“We expect Iran will continue to implement the Additional Protocol and cooperate with the IAEA whether or not the JCPOA remains in place,” one senior administration official said.

Yes, because the agreement is still in place, even with the U.S. violating it, the inspections should and will continue. But where the fuck does the Trump administration get off demanding this? After trying to blow up the agreement?

And why in the world would North Korea even think of complying with any kind of agreement it might make with Trump? Not when this is how he approaches “deals.”

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  1. Like pulling the rug from under someone, then daring them to step on it again.
    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But when you lose and still act like you won, you are a fool.


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