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As Israel increasingly isolates itself by aligning with Trump, its citizens will apparently have to live with the destabilization caused by their new world order… a new world order designed by the Alt Right, where people like Jared Kushner are disposable. The pullout from the Iran deal already has Israelis running for their bunkers.

“non-combat” reserves were being called up, pointing to the possibility that reserves serving in intelligence or medical roles were being mobilized.
The Israeli army has instructed authorities in the Golan Heights, in the north of the country, to open civilian shelters…
The US State Department also issued a security warning for American citizens on Tuesday, urging them to “consider carefully” travel to the Golan Heights “until the situation stabilizes.”…
rhetoric has escalated in recent weeks and has coincided with Trump hinting that he would leave the deal — a decision he officially announced on Tuesday…
Some Iranian-backed sites inside Syria have been bombed in recent days in attacks widely believed to have been carried out by Israel.
The US assessment now is that Iran could initially strike in retaliation against Israel for its airstrikes inside Syria.
Iran had already warned the US that withdrawing from the deal would be a “historic mistake.”
“When it comes to weapons and defending our country, we will not negotiate with anybody,” President Hassan Rouhani said.

As with every single person who aligns themselves with Donald Trump, Israel will almost certainly come to regret what they’ve done. The citizens of Israel may learn too late their mistake in allowing themselves to be used as disposable pawns in their right wing government’s short term attempt to shore up support among their militant religious fundamentalist base. And so too may our citizens.

When you lie down with dogs… When you’ve made your bed…

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  1. He has made our country a greater target, politically, economically, and more frightening, maybe even militarily. Hopefully, after November, the GOP will have to come to grips with reality. And join the rest of America in kicking this piece of leftover poop off the curb.

  2. Israel has a corrupt leader just like the USA. They think they are above the law. As soon as Trump dropped out of the Iran deal they bombed Iran forces. Now that Iran is shooting back Israel is crying poor us. Besides Russia scratching Trumps back we have Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Koreas following in Russia’s footsteps. Now I wonder what has Trump promised them all in turn. Is it Trump properties in their countries or money laundering through Trumps properties? Time will tell. One day all this corrupt crap will come to light


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