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Now, I’m not saying that FLOTUS herself should be writing materials, but considering the flack that she caught for plagiarizing the hell out of Michelle Obama’s previous speech, you’d think that someone on her staff would have had the good sense to make sure that they were not “re-purposing” collateral material for her anti-cyber bullying campaign.

Apparently, there was not.  They didn’t even have the presence of mind to change the ARTWORK!  Jeez.

Kudos to The Rude Pundit for catching this one:

Seeing as they’re taking credit for Obama’s success with the economy, it really should surprise no one that they are, once again, passing off work that was done by competent professionals in the Obama administration as their own.

They seem to live by the principle of “negate or appropriate”.  If you can’t tear it down, you might as well make it your own and steal the credit for it.

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