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Here’s the latest. Avenatti’s team is looking hard at about 4 suspects, narrowed from hundreds of tips and leads. He confirms, as some suspect, that there may be a link to Trump’s MMA venture, which of course is tied to Putin.

As far as the man in the sketch goes, our reporting has led us to believe that there may be a connection between the man in the sketch and the now-defunct MMA league—Affliction—that Trump and Cohen ran for a period of time.

There may be a link between the MMA league—or business—and the threat. We don’t know that yet, but it has crossed our mind as well. Though to be clear, the individual that approached her at her car was not the gentleman [Fedor Emelianenko] that was widely reported recently as being questioned by the FBI.

And you’ve apparently offered a large sum of money to ID the person in the sketch.

We’ve offered a $131,000 reward. And we’ve received thousands of leads in response to the release of the sketch. Many of those were dismissed pretty quickly. I would classify it as about 300-400 that have deserved serious inquiry. From that group, there has emerged two to four individuals that we’re taking a really hard look at right now.


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