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Colin Kahl is a former Deputy Assistant to President Obama and National Security Advisor to V.P. Biden, who along with Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, was targeted by team Trump last year when they hired a private Israeli intelligence firm to “dig up dirt” on Obama officials who worked on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Mr. Kahl believes his lovely wife Rebecca may have been targeted by the low-lifes through her email last spring.

Here is a picture of Colin and Rebecca Kahl.  Colin tells their story on Twitter…. Link

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Mr. Kahl’s story:

 According to this story, in May of last year, Team Trump asked an Israeli intel firm to dig up dirt on me as part of an effort to discredit the Iran deal.

Tonight, as my wife read this story, that date triggered a very creepy memory.

This “UK person” said “she” was flying to DC soon and wanted to have coffee with my wife to discuss the possibility of including my daughter’s school in their educational fund network. 

This was not a generic “Nigerian prince” scam. This person had all sorts of specific information on my wife’s volunteer duties at an obscure DC elementary school. 

There was a website for the firm (which no longer exists, by the way), but it had no depth to it, and there was no detailed information about the “UK person” who reached out to my wife.

My wife shared the email with me and a few people we know in both the finance and education fields. All agreed that the entire scenario seemed implausible and seemed like an approach by a foreign intelligence entity. 

To test the implausibility, my wife kept trying to encourage the “UK person” over email to meet with other school fundraising officers & leadership while “she” was in DC, providing relevant contact info. But the “UK person” kept insisting that “she” had to meet with my wife. 

At that point, my wife stopped corresponding.

This all happened in late May and early June of last year.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence that this obvious scam targeting my family had all the hallmarks of an intel op and coincided with Team Trump’s reported efforts to “dig up dirt” on me. 

But the fact that I even have to think about the possibility that my family was targeted by people working for the President is yet another sign of the fundamental degradation of our country that Trump has produced. 

Exactly, Mr. Kahl, and more degradation is all this country can expect as long as Team drumpf befouls the Oval Office.

Thank You and Rebecca for your service to our nation.

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      Not to worry, he is working on that as we write. He WILL bring himself (and quite a few others) down without any outside help.

      • Don’t depend on that; there are no limits to the deaths and maiming around the world tRump has caused and just sitting back and watching is the worst thing ANY partiotic, country-loving citizen can do!
        If you haven’t already, be careful who you vote for! And if you don’t vote, you are as responsible for this carnage as the GOP is! Vote and bring as many people with you to the polls! Vote DEM all the way, and after the Primaries and after the Midterms, you will find the GOP has been replaced by another, more patriotic party than the GOP, which will become no more than a fading memory. We NEED your votes to put the GOP membership along with tRump et al specifically, into Prison at the very first opportunity.
        All you need to do is vote intelligently for anyone but a GOPeer, and you will see all that happen, starting on Nov 7 2018!

  2. Trump is bringing America into disrepute ,your Country is under attack from your own pathological lying President who every day he is in power
    alienates American long standing allies.
    Time will tell that the finance for all the Trump Empire is from Russian Banks based in Cyprus.
    This is my observation from the other side of the pond
    Get him out if not. Americans will pay a terrible price

    • We are already paying, but you are right, it will likely get much worse.
      Trump is continually joined by those that also suffer from starved egos or a brand of dementia pushing them to seek preening and strokes from others. The only others left for them are the ones that think like they do. Call it a ship of fools, or what happens when the inmates take over the asylum.

      There is no shortage of Penguins, Jokers, or Riddlers, in this administration.

  3. IN order for the United States of America to exist Donald Trump has to go down. Not even ISIS terrorist could have destroyed this country the way Donald Trump has. The 9/11 attacks can hardly be compared to what this Terrorist-in-Chief has done.


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