Pastor Chris / Flickr Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen...
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And just when I was starting to ‘feel sorry’ for the guy …

Sort of …

Michael Cohen Had Clients Who Staged Car Accidents for Personal Injury Lawsuits

by Greg Price, Newsweek — 5/1/18

Long before he was a personal attorney to President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen was a personal injury lawyer for clients who reportedly staged car accidents to collect hefty sums from insurance companies and worked for other clients involved in medical insurance schemes.

Cohen, whose office and residence were raided by the FBI as part of an unrelated investigation, has come under fire for his work for Trump over the last decade. But prior to his gaining Trump’s attention, Cohen represented clients who would rent cars and trucks, along with insurance, and careen the vehicles into friends’ cars for a huge payout, according to a Rolling Stone investigation published Tuesday.


No wonder Trump hired Michael Cohen on the spot — he’s Trump’s kind of guy:

A swindler and a con-artist.  And a ‘fixer’ not afraid to use threats and coercion to keep his clients … ‘Above the Law’.

“What’s not to like,” said Mr Trump.  “Michael is one ‘stand up’ guy.”

… for now.

AKA.  Trump’s kind of guy.

PS.  “Witch Hunt”.

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