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Now, there’s a talking point:

“Stop lying.”

All of us can say that. Every politician who cares about our democracy can say that. Democratic candidates can say that to their Republican opponents regarding Trump and ask them if they agree with that sentiment.

If Trump and company can hammer “No collusion!” endlessly into the media narrative, the rest of us can hammer, “Stop lying” into the narrative.

It’s rather sad, of course, that the national media is only just now expressing real outrage about the consistent lying from Trump and damn near everyone else in this administration. Sure, the fact checkers have documented Trump’s endless stream of lies (more than 3,000 at last count), but it is only this latest flat-out lie about the Stormy Daniels payment that seems to have caught their attention.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post wrote yesterday:

Does it bother anyone that President Trump has been caught lying? Does it bother anyone that this is not new? Does it bother anyone that the president has been shown to be a liar?

Jake Tapper called out Trump’s “credibility chasm.”

And the Post has a front page piece today about the never-ending stream of lies passing the lips of ol’ Smokey Eyes:

As a willing warrior for Trump, Sarah Sanders struggles to maintain credibility

By virtue of her position, Sanders is inextricably bound in the mistruths of the Trump administration. She is a willing warrior for Trump, and her critics say she should be held accountable for his utterances — from the untruthful to the racist to the sexist.

“Her critics say?” Why isn’t anyone/everyone in the media concerned about the survival of our democracy saying that?

It is not okay.

I want every Democratic politician to say, over and over, “Stop lying.” Say it everywhere, all the time, in every media appearance, on the floor of the House and the Senate, in debates, like a mantra.

And we need to spread this to the media and insist that they say this simply and directly to the president and anyone supporting the president publicly: “Stop lying. Just stop lying.”

This is not complicated. Our democracy is at a breaking point. That is not an overly dramatic statement. Trump’s approval numbers are going up. Lying by the President of the United States has been normalized. Our democracy is dying.

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  1. To ask this evil creature to stop lying, you may as well as him to stop breathing. He can’t under any circumstances stop lying. Whe he put his hand on a Bible to take the presidential, he lied. And he lies at his every waking hour. So if I ask him to stop lying would be the same as asking not to breathe, I’ll ask him upfront….STOP BREATHING!

  2. I think Trump and his cult are “allergic” to the truth! They’d probably break out in hives if they faced the truth. Hypocrisy is a rabid animal within the Repub pity party, and Trumps enablers are making the truth an endangered, soon to be extinct, thing. Plus Trump NEVER admits to being wrong, he goes to the old excuse of “that’s what I heard” or “that’s what I was told”. He can’t admit he’s wrong because he doesn’t think he can ever be, and to him it’s always someone else’s fault, and his cult reinforce that hypocrisy by shouting “fake news” every time they hear something they don’t like or Trump tells them is fake. The mindless droves of hive-minded simpletons are destroying our country!

  3. The Impostor President, Sarah Huckster Daddy Saunders, Kellyanne Conway, Gen. Empty Barrel Kelly, Mikey sham stadium visit I’m walking out because they’re kneeling Pence, Cohen, Guiliani, the list gets longer everyday. Cadet Bonespurs spoke at the NRA citing a CNN story, but screams FAKE news constantly. So which is it? Reputable news outlets need to stop putting these people on & allowing them to lie. Call them out or don’t have them at all. Trump has been a con artist, grifter his entire life, subsidized by money laundering for the Russian Oligarchs which is why he won’t show his tax returns & he’s scared to death to sit for Robert Mueller. If you’ve done nothing wrong what are you scared of? Coward. Try to buy your way out of this one dickhead.


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