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On May 3rd Rachel Maddow and her team figured out what Hill republicans were up to.

I’d posted Rachel Maddow’s report on it. Rachel & her team identified the GOP’s moves:

republican Obstruction of Justice in three basic moves:

1) Hill republicans threaten to impeach Deputy AG Rosenstein demanding documents and materials that Rosenstein cannot hand over without jeopardizing Mueller investigation

2) Hill republicans seize on Rosenstein’s refusal to hand over said documents as evidence of Robert Mueller “overreach” and “exceeding investigative mandate”

3) Hill republicans use Deputy AG’s “refusal/overreach” as a pretext to fire Rosenstein (and any others involved in the investigations; Mueller)

The republican narrative goes like this:

..Republicans accuse him of hindering legitimate oversight. Republicans have repeatedly accused Rosenstein of being unnecessarily slow in providing the documents they say are necessary for carrying out several parallel congressional investigations into FBI

The republican accusation: Rod Rosenstein is “hindering legitimate oversight”. That would be laughable if it wasn’t so corrupt.

And continuing to flip the script, they’ve actually threatened impeachment.

*  *  *

  On May 4th, 2018 Rachel Maddow and her team followed up that report with this:

Rod Rosenstein Makes A Stand Against Donald Trump’s Interlopers In Congress

   — Published on May 4, 2018

  Rachel Maddow reports on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein making clear in a new speech that he will not entertain requests for information about the Trump Russian investigation from members of Congress whose motivation is to help Donald Trump undermine the investigation.

— It looks as though Rosenstein, on this at least, is taking a stand and not about to budge.

Which is a very good thing because happening right now year 2018:

Both chambers of the GOP congress abnegate their sworn duty to defend the United States Constitution, protect our democratic electoral process, uphold the Separation of Powers, abide the Rule of Law, and defend our sovereignty as a nation

*  *  *

With so much Trump regime corruption being unearthed swallowing up the media; Something that has slipped away from the msm news headlines.

This early report from David Corn:

The NSA Chief Says Russia Hacked the 2016 Election. Congress Must Investigate.

It’s up to Capitol Hill to protect American democracy.

   — David Corn | Nov. 16, 2016 8:24 PM

Despite all the news being generated by the change of power underway in Washington, there is one story this week that deserves top priority: Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

On Tuesday, the director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, was asked about the WikiLeaks release of hacked information during the campaign, and he said,

“This was a conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect.”

He added,

“This was not something that was done casually. This was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily.”

This was a stunning statement that has echoed other remarks from senior US officials. He was saying that Russia directly intervened in the US election to obtain a desired end: presumably to undermine confidence in US elections or to elect Donald Trump—or both. […]

Re-reading one of David Corn’s early reports was very much well worth the reminder

— Hill republicans are doing the opposite of protecting American democracy — imo

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