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Senate Republicans haven’t been willing to step up and pass a bipartisan bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from Donald Trump—but Republican Senate candidates are going even further. Many of them are calling for Mueller’s investigation to end, and in states where there are competitive primaries, taking aim at the investigation has become a way for candidates to try to one-up one another on the loyalty to Trump front:

In Virginia, where three Republicans are vying to take on Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, GOP front-runner Corey Stewart said during an April debate that the Russia probe “needs to be put to bed.” Stewart’s rivals, pastor E.W. Jackson and state Del. Nick Freitas, also took aim at the investigation, as the blog Blue Virginia noted.

“They’re trying to overthrow the president,” Jackson said. “If the Congress of the United States is taken over by Democrats…they will impeach the president of the United States. And if they have enough votes in the Senate, they will drive the president of the United States out of office.”

“One of the most dangerous things that I believe Mueller and Comey have done at this point is they’re really causing Americans to question the integrity of our justice system,” said Freitas. “The president—just like anyone else in this room—is entitled to due process before the law. And I think we’re getting really close to him being denied that.”

In Indiana, the competition has gone even further:

During a debate Monday, Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita—who is locked in a bitter, three-way battle to take on Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly—announced plans to introduce a congressional resolution to “call for ending that investigation in 30 days or show evidence about the president obstructing anything.” His office distributed the resolution on Thursday.

This election is about whether Donald Trump will be held accountable, or given a free pass for corruption and collusion. Of course, it’s also about health care and clean air and protecting consumers from Wall Street. It’s a big f’ing deal.

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