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This is what Democracy is about !

Last month, Nick Isgro, mayor of Waterville, Maine, tweeted an article about Fox News co-president Jack Abernethy standing by host Laura Ingraham after she made fun of Parkland student David Hogg for receiving several college rejection letters.

Isgro shared the article with the comment “Eat it, Hogg,” in the since-deleted tweet.


On Friday, the Waterville city clerk’s office confirmed to HuffPost that a petition to remove Isgro from office had received enough signatures to force a recall vote. A total of 887 valid signatures ― 30 more than needed ― were gathered, said Sarah Cross, the city’s deputy clerk.

The City Council now has to call a special election for the recall vote, which it will discuss during a May 8 budget workshop, Cross said. The vote will likely take place during the city’s June 12 elections.

Former Waterville Mayor Karen Heck, a Democrat who previously endorsed Isgro, along with residents Hilary Koch and Jim Chiddix, spearheaded the recall effort.

You’ll need to read the article to hear Isgro whining !

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  1. It’s truly pathetic when “adults” resort to taunting and cyberbullying teenagers. The immaturity of the Repubs is astonishingly disgusting.

    • I’m not sure I’d call the Repug’s immaturity “astonishingly disgusting”. IMO, there is no limit to the depths of the lies, misinformation and ruination of our country the GOP won’t stoop to! In other words, to me, it’s just another nail in their coffin for this November when they’re going to find themselves being replaced by a better, more dedicated party as the GOP simply fade from view.

  2. Everyone has a right to their opinion but where do we draw the line when someone chooses to express that opinion? Nick Isgro will find out if he crossed the line of constructive disagreement when the people speak in Maine. I say this man does not represent the citizens of his area. He speaks for the viscous hate of some but I can’t believe the people of Maine will allow this man to continue representing and speaking for them in the future.

  3. Sometimes when the ‘true nature’ emerges, it can be a very ugly thing. We will see who eats what now.

    With some irony, i paraphrase a great man (truly before he was a Republican). “…… you can’t fool all the people, all the time.”


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