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Dr. Jennifer Pena, physician for VP Mike Pence, abruptly resigned yesterday. From CNN reporting:

According to copies of internal documents obtained by CNN, Pence’s doctor accused Jackson of overstepping his authority and inappropriately intervening in a medical situation involving the second lady as well as potentially violating federal privacy rights by briefing White House staff and disclosing details to other medical providers — but not appropriately consulting with the vice president’s physician.
The vice president’s physician later wrote in a memo of feeling intimidated by an irate Jackson during a confrontation over the physician’s concerns. The physician informed White House officials of being treated unprofessionally, describing a pattern of behavior from Jackson that made the physician “uncomfortable” and even consider resigning from the position.

So here’s how I see it: Dr. Pena (graduate of Yale and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, active military, joined the White House Medical Office during the Obama administration) did her duty to protect our veterans from a horrible choice to lead the VA Dept. And as thanks, she has had her career torpedoed. Dr. Ronny Jackson, although he is no longer serving as Trump’s physician, did return to the White House Medical Center. I’m sure, given his apparent temperament, he would have made it impossible for Dr. Pena to continue to work there without harassment and retribution, so Pena’s resignation isn’t surprising, but it is upsetting.

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