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I read Conservative sites as well as Progressive sites. It is important not to stay in one’s silo as self-confirmation is not always objective. A website that is considered a Right Wing bastion blasted Evangelicals and Trump apologists with an attack that could have originated from any Liberal site. In fact, I have written similar pieces no less critical.

I ran across an interesting article today on titled “American Conservatives Have A Ranging Hypocrisy Problem” that any Liberal could have written. The post did not pull any punches as it went after the core of the Right Wing movement that continues to support our dysfunctionally immoral president.

Kimberly Ross starts her piece as follows.

Despite all we’ve seen in the past two years, too many on the Right still fail to apply the same standards to their side that they do to their opponents. This is unsurprising, but it should never be tolerated.

I’m of the mindset that we should clean our own political house first and foremost. Addressing that which is closest to you, and seeking to improve it, is of the utmost importance. But apparently, this is wildly unpopular.

She subsequently said that the mindset of the Right Wing Evangelicals and Trump apologists is to own Liberals at all cost, irrespective of the behavior of those they support.

She slammed the president for being a child.

With President Trump came truckloads of baggage. It speaks to the adult character of a man who has been in the spotlight for decades and hasn’t quite grown up. And it goes much further, and is much more serious, than that.

And then Ross called him a liar who is then appeased by his peons.

What is clear is that the Trump camp lied about both his encounter with Daniels and the hush money to cover his misdeeds.

Naturally, as has happened countless times, the Trump faithful took to the social media streets to breathlessly defend their “pure” man. (Somehow, President Trump is a 4-d chess player along with being completely unaware of the behind-the-scenes dealings that clean up his rather messy personal problems. Sure.)

Kimberly Ross smirks at the similarities many Evangelicals make between Trump and King David. Dinesh D’Souza in a tweet said, “Your biblical namesake David slept with Bathsheba & had her husband killed on the front. Didn’t God nevertheless make David His man? ” She responds,

Nevermind the fact that King David was a “man after God’s own heart” his entire life. Nevermind the fact that King David sought actual forgiveness from God. Trump has done neither of those things. He even said as much, about his lack of needing God and disinterest in forgiveness, on the campaign trail.

We addressed this very issue in the piece “Interview with Dr. Hollis Phelps on deconstructing White Evangelical hypocrisy (VIDEO)” based on “The “Grotesque Caricature” of the White Evangelical is real.”

Kimberly then goes for the jugular as she referenced Right Wing attacks on Clinton and not Trump.

If you called out Bill Clinton for his behavior and outright lying in the 1990s (and earlier), and don’t bat an eye at this president? Then congratulations, American conservative. You are a hypocrite. A Democrat with a closet full of indiscretions will certainly cause you to spew forth vocal condemnation, but a Republican? Well, either it doesn’t matter because he’s a winner, or his poor, supposedly penitent soul is really like some legitimately remorseful Biblical leader of centuries past. Give me a break. Your double standards are leaking everywhere.

Kimberly Ross closes her piece with a prescient statement.

They prefer to forget the sickness in their own camp, discard the uncomfortable, but necessary, cure, refuse to improve, and spend their time looking toward adversaries, hoping political fatalities occur there first.

I must give kudos to Kimberly Ross for a brave article. She will get attacked from the Right for it as well as from the Left for her just being a Conservative. This Progressive commends her for this piece.

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  1. Neil Cavuto of Fox did an on-air critique of Trump and is paying for it in hate. Kudos to any conservative for breaking out of the bubble.

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