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If you wonder about what it would be like to be hauled before Bobby Three Stick’s posse for questioning, compare the chastened Caputo emerging from that experience painted by Kerry Eleveld’s diary, with the cocky, fire-breathing Roger Stone protege that appeared before the Senate Intel Committee just one day before… on Tuesday…

NY Post

“God damn you to hell,” (Michael) Caputo said at the end of a lengthy diatribe about how the probe has damaged his life.

Your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money — more than $125,000 — and making a visceral impact on my children,” Caputo told the committee in a prepared statement during a closed-door interview, referring to his legal tab, CNN reported.

Caputo said the probe had cost him so much money, he would have to sell his house in upstate New York and move someplace where he can make more cash.

“Now I must move back to Washington, New York City, Miami or elsewhere, just so I can make enough money to pay off these legal bills. And I know I have you to thank for that,” Caputo whined.

“What America needs is an investigation of the investigators.”

“I want to know who is paying for the spies’ work and coordinating this attack on President Donald Trump? I want to know because God damn you to hell!

..wow…talk about an attitude adjustment.

Mueller’s boys must’ve put the fear of God in him.

It’s really hard to break out the tiny violin for ya, Mike, pal-ing around with scumbags like Stone and drumpf what did you expect?

If Mr. Muller, or Senators Burr and Warner for that matter, have any more questions for you I suggest you worry less about your financial woes and concentrate on staying out of jail.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing to find out that are government is awash with people who will do anything, say anything, support anyone…as long as it furthers their career and makes them money. Where did guys like Jim Jordan, Rick Gaetz, Darren Nunes, Meadows, Ryan, McConnell come from?? And how did we elect them to represent us? Something is seriously wrong with our system of government, and how we evaluate and elect officials. It infects both parties. As Lewis Black said ” Congress is just a big bowl of shit. Doesn’t matter which side of the bowl you eat from”.


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