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In a bombshell report out of Jefferson City, the Missouri house has indicated Gov. Greitens didn’t just bend the rules — he sought to remake them, ordering his staff to conceal the identity of donors, investigate raising money from foreign nationals, and manipulating donors to his charity, violating several laws along the way before committing lying to the state ethics commission, asking a member of his campaign to take the fall for him.


Gov. Eric Greitens’ former campaign manager told the Missouri attorney general’s office that the governor knowingly lied to the state ethics commission about how he came to possess a donor list belonging to a veterans charity.

He also says he was tricked by the governor’s political advisers into taking the blame.

The allegations were included in a 23-page report released Wednesday afternoon by a Missouri House committee investigating allegations of wrongdoing by the governor.

The sordid tale continues:

Yet The Mission Continues has been adamant that it did not — and would not — give Greitens’ campaign or any campaign its donor list. Doing so could violate federal law and put the charity’s tax-exempt status at risk. The charity has been equally unwavering in saying that it doesn’t even know who Daniel Laub is.

The full report of the Missouri house of the multiple-indicted Governor is available here:


Despite Greiten’s claims none of this is true, email exchanges between then candidate Greitens and his charity are especially damning:


Despite the evidence, the Governor has vowed he will not step down.

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