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James Poniewozik’s piece in yesterday’s paper on Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is well summed up by its title:

Problem Was the Event, Not the Jokes:  When you hire a political comic, expect political comedy

And by “problem” with the event, he is not referring to hiring Ms. Wolf but, rather, to the failure of the WH Correspondents’ Association to stand by her.

Poniewozik says this about Michelle’s performance:

Was Ms. Wolf’s set vicious?  Absolutely… But was it gratuitous?  Not at all.  It drove mercilessly toward its themes:  that this administration lies;  that its female members are covering for a sexist president;  and that journalists have enabled it all with breathless coverage.

Poniewozik dismisses the major criticisms leveled against Ms. Wolf’s presentation, including the charge that the barbs aimed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders were personal or attacks on her looks — they were not.

But even more importantly, Poniewozik is careful to address the real mission of the WHCA and how they failed to uphold that mission.

Mr. Poniewozik made all the right calls.  Give it a read.

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  1. Michelle Wolf’s only sin is that she didn’t just come out and explicitly call Sarah Fuckabee-Sanders a ‘goddam liar and complicit traitor to the America’. The fact that she looks like the illegitimate offspring of an affair between a yak and Shrek has nothing to do with it. Can’t we just rename her (Sarah) Baghdad Babs? And hope she comes to the same end.


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