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US President Donald Trump has left himself open to allegations of witness tampering after a payment of $228,000 was made to his long-term personal lawyer Michael Cohen. It is unknown whether any of this is linker to the Stormy Daniels affair, or if they are solely to protect and to pay off Cohen after his offices were raided by the FBI recently at the request of the special investigation being held by a special investigator Robert Mueller.

Trump is no stranger controversy he is almost constantly fighting one legal case or another, and this has only intensified during his time as US President. Currently he’s dealing with the special investigation by Robert Mueller and the potential of having to fight off a hush money claim against adult actress Stormy Daniels. President Trump must be the first president in US history to have quite such a complicated and controversial set of legal issues and Cohen must be one of the busiest lawyers in North America considering the nature of his best client.

ABC News has posited the idea that Trump could be looked into for witness tampering if it turns out this money is anything to do the investigations that are ongoing. It is a worry for Trump that his top legal man Cohen may indeed actually be the cause of his biggest worries. Cohen has intimate knowledge of the president’s dealings over his lifetime and clearly has knowledge of the Stormy Daniels affair and the intimate details of it. The other worry for Trump is that he doesn’t believe that Cohen is that loyal to him and there is indeed a worry that he may turn on Trump Under questioning. So, only time will tell if Trump’s house of cards is about to come tumbling down on top of him.

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