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CNN is reporting a whole new incident regarding a dispute that led Mike Pence’s physician to warn the White House about lapses in Dr. Ronny Jackson’s professional conduct as early as last September. When Jackson inserted himself into a medial situation involving Pence’s wife, Karen, the vice president’s physician later raised concerns after a fiery interaction between the two over whether Jackson violated her federal privacy rights. And who was alerted? Chief of Staff John Kelly, of course.

According to copies of internal documents obtained by CNN, Pence’s doctor accused Jackson of overstepping his authority and inappropriately intervening in a medical situation involving the second lady as well as potentially violating federal privacy rights by briefing White House staff and disclosing details to other medical providers — but not appropriately consulting with the vice president’s physician.

The vice president’s physician later wrote in a memo of feeling intimidated by an irate Jackson during a confrontation over the physician’s concerns. The physician informed White House officials of being treated unprofessionally, describing a pattern of behavior from Jackson that made the physician “uncomfortable” and even consider resigning from the position.

After Mrs. Pence’s physician briefed her about the episode, she “also expressed concerns over the potential breach of privacy of her medical condition,” the memo said. Karen Pence asked her physician to direct the vice president’s top aide, Nick Ayers, to inform White House chief of staff John Kelly about the matter. Subsequent memos from Pence’s doctor suggested Kelly was aware of the episode.

Meh. Why would Kelly concern himself with the musings of Karen Pence? She’s just an “emotional” woman after all.

CNN didn’t reveal the name of the physician because the memos were provided to the outlet contingent on it not publishing the doctor’s name.

Anyway, there’s at least two unmistakable patterns worth mentioning here: 1) Jackson has a propensity for explosive interactions; 2) Kelly has a propensity for sitting on explosive material to keep people working at the highest levels of government unless and until their behavior is exposed by the media. Only the best!

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  1. Guess this explains why he didn’t get his job back as Trumps Dr. Betting that Trump knew this and threw him out there to be exposed so that he wouldn’t look like the bad guy.


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