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Let me be blunt: Michelle Wolf is a Hero.

She did something that frankly a lot of so-called journalist have failed to to do, which is to tell the damn truth in front of Trumpers.  They can’t handle the truth.  They lie and lie and then they lies some more.

They’re god damn delusional.

And they’re mean. Viciously mean.

Trump brags about how mean he is.  He bragged about what he does to women, he has his paid Russian-Mob-Thug-Consigliere pay off those women.  And now when one woman stands up to them, when one woman shines a mirror back into their face at their own disrespect of the American people. At their own disrespect of our intelligence, our good sense and what’s left of our basic human empathy.

All I gotta say is : about time.

And I’m not alone.

Some of the press are now saying that Wolf went too far.  They’re saying she should “apologize” to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.  Y’know what — I think Wolf should apologize to Sanders right after she apologizes to the American people for Trump and his entire Administration.   Even Spicey has apologized. 

We have to take a second and remember just who this woman truly is:


Snowflakes always melt in the heat.

These people spent eight solid years demeaning President Obama as a man, demeaning his achievements, even demeaning his citizenship — and now they can’t handle it because a woman dares to tell a joke about them lying?

Trump is right now taking credit for the economic recovery that OBAMA BUILT — without any help what so ever from Republicans who didn’t even hold a vote on the American Jobs Act or the American Infrastructure Bill.  Republicans who opposed saving the U.S. Auto Industry and now want to walk around saying they are the champions of the rust belt and Detroit?

Yeah, they’re lying.

We’ll keep saying it until they stop doing it.

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  1. This is disgusting. These people say abhorrent stuff about the Obamas, Clintons, mass shooting survivors, minorities etc. at least 10 times a day. That clown they call their messiah spoke even more vulgar and inappropriately in front of boy scouts. Yet they want to clutch their pearls because a comedian did a “tell it like it is bit’? Who is putting these articles out about enraged crowds at the WHCD, russian bots? She did a great job including calling the press on their role in the trump presidency and mentioning flint still does not have clean water. Kudos Michelle. Why censor yourself when it is not your job, when Trump can’t conform to society norm.


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