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It’s a lucky thing the Republican Party is propping up Trump’s marquee businesses with their own cash infusions, because Trump’s other properties are taking a hit from his presidency.

Trump’s name actually may not be worth what it once was. Forbes notes that in places that voted for Trump, revenue at his golf courses is up. In places that didn’t, they’re down.

The team at decided to try to determine how the value of Trump’s brand in real estate might have changed more directly. On Tuesday, it unveiled a sweeping analysis of more than 33,000 real estate transactions in six states, including both condominium sales at Trump properties and sales at properties in the same Zip code as a Trump building. […]

The short version of that analysis is that since the inauguration, sales in Trump-branded buildings have gotten cheaper, compared to the rest of the market, meaning buyers aren’t exactly flocking to them. Except in Florida. Florida just loves the guy, apparently.

Trump probably never even dreamed that his business empire would go down in value if he got elected president. He was focused on the petty grifts, like charging the campaign premium prices for a Trump Tower office and insisting that Trump’s own brand of, sigh, premium bottled water be purchased for campaign events.

But it turns out the more America sees of Trump, the less they want to be associated with him, go figure, and that’s hurting Trump’s real-world brand value far more than a few cases of bottled water can make up for. Don’t be surprised if the next Trump budget includes a requirement that every senator and congressman purchase an apartment in a Trump-owned building or, at the least, force one of the interns to do it; the man’s got to make a buck.

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  1. I find it deplorable that ostensibly reasonable people are willing to kick every ounce of integrity and personal ethics they had, if any, to the curb in favor of helping hide information in some misguided effort to protect that Malignant Narcissist who stole the office he has claimed. SHAME ON YOU!


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