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On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Trump’s insane phone-in appearance on Thursday morning’s FOX & Friends got its own segment, “A Closer Look.” Meyers began by explaining that, “It is generally disorienting how many crazy things are happening right now.” From there he hit upon Kanye West and Donald Trump’s Twitter bromance the past few days. But after that, it was all FOX & Friends!


Meyers: Trump rambled on for so long and about so many topics that, at one point the FOX & Friends hosts said they were the ones running out of time.


The first time in history that a TV show had to change its phone number because of a stalker.

Seth Meyers proceeds to show the host’s faces sped up as Trump babbles away for almost 30-uninterrupted minutes.

Meyers: Look at those face! Those are the expressions of people, thinking what have we done???? That’s how doctors who test zombie viruses on monkeys look when they see the cage is open and the monkeys are gone.

After that, Meyers went into Trump talking about Michael Cohen. It’s too good to transcribe it all but it’s amazing. He ends the segment touching on Trump’s state visit with French leader Emmanuel Macron. Enjoy the leader of the free world acting exactly like you thought he would when you voted against him.

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