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As some on the left, and many on the right, fit Joy Reid for a crown of thorns and strive to lead her struggling to the high lonesome rood of past blogging sins, Evan Hurst, a proud gay man, really wants us to take a moment and think twice about hanging one of our own for a past violation of ThoughtCrime, a transgression few, if any, of us have not committed.


I, A Flaming Homosexual, Don’t Give A Flying Fuck Whether Joy Reid Wrote That Shit 10 Years Ago

If you have been sleeping under a rock or just are smart enough not to spend your whole life on Twitter, you might have missed the cause du jour for some people of the left, the types who have nothing better to do than go after female journalists of color who fail to pass their purity tests, which is getting MSNBC’s Joy Reid to SAY SORRY and GO AWAY LIKE A COMMON HILLARY, because she allegedly LIED about homophobic posts that allegedly appeared on her blog over a decade ago. I say “allegedly” because it hasn’t been proven that she actually wrote them (snip)

…Maybe the posts are real. Maybe they aren’t. Who fucking knows! More importantly, WHO FUCKING CARES? Seriously, I am as flaming gay as a three-dollar amero, and I cannot muster the energy to care whether Reid did or did not write those posts, for a couple reasons.

First of all, the “social justice warriors” fucking this chicken really should be out there making some social justice instead of mounting a campaign to get one of the greatest leaders of the #Resistance fired. Because regardless of whether or not Joy Reid is lying right now (perhaps out of embarrassment, or MAYBE SHE IS A SECRET HATER OF GAYS), this whole shitfire of manufactured outrage is only happening because some Twitter Sheriff is out there spending their time searching web archives trying to screw Joy Reid, instead of doing anything of actual consequence in the world, and all the lemmings are following along and playing their part. DO BETTER, ASSHOLES. (snip)

People who start juvenile pissant Twitter wars to destroy people they deem guilty of BadThink aren’t going to shut up anytime soon, no way no how, but at least we can try to refocus on the actual wars we’re fighting, on an LGBT level against those who are against us RIGHT NOW (i.e. Not Joy Reid), and on a greater level, against the autocratic shithole regime that’s temporarily taken control of our beloved country.

And that, dears, is all I have to say about this stupid fucking distraction.”

Unfortunately I cannot post here all that Evan says on the subject, so you’ll need to click over to Wonkette to get the full flavor of his contempt for those who live in the way way back.

We have much more important things to do, like defending our democracy, to spend time policing 10 year old blog posts.

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