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Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo / YouTube

Democratic representative from California Anna Eshoo was given five minutes to excoriate EPA chief Scott Pruitt over his many ethical “lapses.”

Rep. Eshoo: Administrator Pruitt public officials and public office have a public trust. We are called to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards so the people that we serve have the confidence that would work for them. Not for special interests but for them.

In the front of your title administrator is U.S.. EPA. An agency that was founded. I think if a public official loses the trust of people it then becomes crippled because of the trust factor. If you have a solid record of breaking ethics rules at the state level right up to the federal government. It’s a long list and it includes wasteful spending.

Rep. Eshoo is talking about Scott Pruitt’s corrupt history of wasting taxpayer money that goes all the way back to his years as Oklahoma State Attorney General.

Rep. Eshoo: I think it’s an embarrassment to our country and it’s offensive to constituents. My constituents have raised a lot of questions about you and they say how can he be doing this? So the first question I’m going to ask you might be an unusual one. Do you have any remorse for the excessive spending on behalf of yourself, the expensive air tickets and shopping in Paris or the amount of knowledge that you have expended at the agency for an expensive telephone booth? I know it’s a skiff that there is a skiff at the EPA. Do you have any remorse about this?

Scott Pruitt: Let me say congresswoman.

Rep. Eshoo: You can answer yes or no.

How does Pruitt answer this?

Scott Pruitt: I think there are changes that have been made already from first-class travel.

“I’ve stoped taking first class flights …” Boy oh boy. Rep. Eshoo knows the babble game that people like Scott Pruitt play in order to wait out the clock on serious confrontations, so she begins driving serious questions fast and furiously.

Rep. Eshoo: You’re not going to out talk me. You can’t go lobbyists below market rents however we now know Mr. Hart’s firm disclosed that he met with you regarding cleanup. Did you have any other officials other than Mr. Hart? Yes or no.

Scott Pruitt: With respect to —

Rep. Eshoo: Okay moving on.

That is followed by my favorite exchange.

Rep. Eshoo: Travel included, upgrades to first class at taxpayers expense which cost over $200,000 when you became administrator. Are you reimbursing the taxpayer’s?

Scott Pruitt: We have provided you the analysis.

Rep. Eshoo: I don’t need any analysis. I know what airlines cost I fly across the country every week.


Scott Pruitt: I’ve changed it recently.

Rep. Eshoo: You didn’t answer my question but I’m asking if you are reimbursing taxpayers for the overage. This includes 10 trips to Oklahoma. Are you going to reimburse?

Scott Pruitt: All trips I’m taken with respect to EPA dollars have beneficial trips.

Rep. Eshoo: I may be elected that I’m not a fool. That’s really a lousy answer from someone who has a high position in the federal government. This is not dodge question day. We asked these questions on the half of our constituents and I don’t really find you forthcoming.



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