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When I see Hannity I see the same sleazebags who sold low income Americans garbage mortgages and then took their houses when the bottom fell out in 2008.

the routine was the same, with fraudster Jeffrey Wayne Brock, or one of his representatives, conspiring with two  fellow fraudsters named David Doughty and Stanley Sullivan not to bid competitively. Wayne was thereby able to acquire properties at little more than the minimum bid. He then rewarded the other two men with payoffs for having refrained from bidding against him…

Hannity remains the beneficiary of a crooked scheme. Records show Hannity paid $54,000 for a house worth double that amount…

A records check showed that Brock had pleaded guilty to federal bid rigging and fraud charges in 2016.

Along with describing how the investors provided the payoffs to secure a purchase price far below the actual value, the sentencing memorandum notes, “For the homeowner victims, these thefts occurred at a low point in their lives.”

The memorandum continues, “The money that Brock and his conspirators kept for themselves could have helped the victims get back on their feet, but Brock instead enriched himself.”…

Trump University foreclosure brochure
Yeah, because of course

Now we know in part why Sean and Donald are such kindred souls. They immorally (illegally?) sought to profit on the pain and suffering of average Americans in their toughest financial moments.

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