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Nope, there’s no separating the Republican Party from Donald Trump. It’s the party that nominated and elected him. It’s the party whose congressional leaders have stood with Trump time and time again on policy and on protecting him from investigation. And it’s the party running a slew of candidates vying to sound like Trump:

“We don’t need to investigate our president. We need to arrest Hillary,” one of [killer coal mine owner Don Blankenship’s] campaign ads proclaims, mimicking President Trump’s crude 2016 rallying cry, “Lock her up!” […]

In Indiana, Representative Todd Rokita, a Republican candidate for Senate, proudly slaps on a red “Make America Great Again” cap in a new ad as he promises to “proudly stand with our president and Mike Pence to drain the swamp.”

Not to be outdone, one of Mr. Rokita’s opponents, Luke Messer, tarred Mr. Rokita as “Lyin’ Todd,” an echo of Mr. Trump’s epithet for Senator Ted Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted.” Mr. Messer’s gripe? Mr. Rokita falsely claimed to have received the president’s endorsement.

Representative Martha McSally, a Republican who is running for the Arizona Senate seat of Republican Jeff Flake, who is retiring, offers a testimonial in one of her campaign videos from Mr. Trump about how “tough” and “real” she is. She tells a story about how she once told Washington politicians to “grow a pair of ovaries.” As further proof of her saltiness, Ms. McSally offers up an old, bleeped out quote from a news article. “McSally stood up,” the text onscreen reads, “and said let’s get this ‘@#$% thing’ done.”

This is a party that’s Trump-style rotten through and through, committed to bullying and bigotry and divisiveness over any policy goal or commitment to facts, morality, ethics or even basic decency. Too many in the media are still trying to pretend that there’s separation between Trump and other Republicans. The 2018 campaign is killing that idea dead.

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  1. This is a large part of the reasons the GOP will become nothing but a fading memory as We the people cause its demise and bring in another, forward thinking party to replace the GOP this year. They do not have a chance in hell!


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