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Tuesday evening at the White House, Donald Trump will host his first state dinner. The guest of honor will be French President Emmanuel Macron. The rest of the guest list is apparently a state secret because the White House is refusing to release it in advance. However, the identity of one notable guest has been uncovered, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of Fox News’ corporate parent, 21st Century Fox, named himself the top executive of the cable network after Roger Ailes was terminated for serial sexual harassment and abuse. His stewardship of Fox News has devotedly advanced the political aspirations and agenda of Donald Trump. So being the recipient of one these scarce invitations was easily predictable. In fact,, he may have ordered Trump to issue it. After all, Fox News virtually invented Trump’s political persona and provided the media boost he needed to get elected.

Anyone watching Fox for more than a few minutes will notice that their hosts and contributors are fawning disciples of Trump. But even more troubling is that Trump’s policies and public statements are almost entirely derived from what he sees on his favorite Fox programs. From when he first wipes the sleep from eyes in the morning to when he lays his head down at night, Trump is cramming it full of the Fox Doctrine.

Fox and Friends serves as Trump’s daily presidential briefing wherein he learns what topics he is supposed to cover for the day and what positions to take on those topics. And Sean Hannity provides Trump the unhinged fury he needs to attack his political enemies. Hannity is so close to the President that he has been called the “shadow” chief-of-staff. And of course, numerous former Fox News shills are now on the White House payroll.

So while Trump didn’t invite any Democrats to the dinner, and the media was similarly snubbed, Murdoch is attending along with what we can expect to be a who’s who of Trump’s cronies (donors, lobbyists, ass-kissers, etc.). When the list of attendees is eventually released it will interesting to assess it in view of this tweet that Trump posted in March of 2012:

And for a taste of the ideological synchronicity between Trump and Fox News, watch this:

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  1. He has another “Master”? Let’s see, there’s Putin, Stormy and now Rupert. Damn everybody is pulling his stings. America could have done better by putting Howdie Doody in office.

    • Hmm, thinking about that, Howdy’s a puppet, just like tRump-whore is. Only instead of strings, he’s worked by cornering to his ignorance and inability to think clearly or accurately on any subject.
      tRump toPutin, tRimp to GOP, GOP to Putin , NRA to all, with many millions spent in ignorant ads & attitudes, and all of them against removing assault weapons and anything else that will provide distraction.
      WE the people however are not distracted: We WILL see the dotard headed for Prison before 2018 is out!

  2. Having just read about the latest R to Dem flip, it’s SO hard to imagine this dotart can’t see the writing on the wall, but … as I also recently read, people with his diseases seldom remember anything bad for more than a few seconds (actually, it said minutes in the article, but we have a “special” person here).


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