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David Cay Johnson’s new book is more important for making the case that Trump is a traitor, but the Trumpian sidebar action stories are always interesting legends particularly in the history of Trump the randy casino owner. So many were willing to ignore these stories of his relations with mobsters during the 2016 campaign.


If only we could get more folks to appreciate counterfactual history, so that the ‘what if’ informs us of where Lord Dampnut is right now in his rapaciousness.

Donald Trump was once threatened with castration after courting the wrong woman — the daughter of a reputed New Jersey mobster, according to a new book.

Trump, while still married to his first wife Ivana, shamelessly tried to seduce the 30-something daughter of Robert Libutti, a high-rolling horse dealer with ties to infamous Gambino boss John Gotti, the book alleges.

When Libutti got wind that Trump was trying to bed his daughter, the Garden State gambler confronted the real estate mogul and issued the most frightening of threats.

“Donald, I’ll f—–g pull your balls from your legs,” Libutti told him, according to the new book by journalist David Cay Johnston, “The Making of Donald Trump.”



The idea that Trump wouldn’t have recognized LiButti in 1991 and simply can’t remember him now was never particularly plausible given the testimony of LiButti’s daughter, a 1991 book written by a Trump casino manager that describes Trump and LiButti agreeing on the sale of a race horse, and a 1990 state police wiretap in which LiButti mentions a conversation he had with Trump aboard a helicopter. (LiButti died in 2014.) But it’s now even less plausible, since Isikoff has uncovered video of LiButti attending a WrestleMania event in Atlantic City in 1988 with Trump and his then-wife Ivana.


Here may be a better look at the REAL Donald Trump.

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