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What do Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Steve Mnuchin, David Shulkin, and Robert Lighthizer have in common? They work for Donald Trump; and Donald Trump only hires “the best!” Think Progress has a nice little run down of how much money this motley crew of billionaires and wannabe billionaires have cost the American tax payer in their frivolous spending. Using a cheat sheet, you too can see how comfortable one can get working in the Trump administration.

  • Eric Trump took a two day trip to Uruguay to start the new administration, that cost somewhere in the vicinity of $97,830.
  • Trump Jr. cost tax payers around $73,000 in a trip to Dubai.

Both Trump kids were not working on government business at the time.

Keep in mind, these are all “fiscal conservatives,” so I’m sure that these costs were just essential. Also, this doesn’t account for the costs of Trump’s family across the board, which is something of a nightmare unto itself. All told, those numbers come to about $3,460,098.50. Think Progress is quick to point out that there are fiscally conservative considerations not found in these tallies.

What’s not included in this total are things like questionable salary expenses. Take Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Mick Mulvaney. From his days in Congress, Mulvaney has sought to abolish the CFPB, arguing the agency tasked with protecting taxpayers from predatory financial institutions is a federal boondoggle. During the most recent budget process, he submitted a request for zero dollars for the agency, arguing it was their duty to be “responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.” Instead, he hired at least eight people to work at the CFPB, half of whom have annual salaries in excess of $250,000, more than $100,000 above the top salary allowed under the federal government pay scale.

And what have you, the American tax payer gotten in return? Besides deregulated environmental protections, wonky health and human services, sold off federal lands, no housing, doctor evil in control of the treasury and two idiot sons? You haven’t gotten much. But the wealthy in our country is already cashing checks worth billions.

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