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Donald Trump has struggled to connect with world leaders, primarily because they prefer to discuss policy and the hard issues facing the world instead of Donald Trump’s key issues: poll numbers, electoral map and golf. One world leader who has managed to charm Donald Trump is French President Emmanuel Macron, who is currently visiting the White House. In a short photo op with cameras from around the world, the two leaders stood side-by-side to reiterate the friendship and cooperation between the two counties. And that, my friends, is when Donald Trump humiliated the president of France before a gaggle of international cameras.

Watch and prepare to cringe:

That wasn’t the only cringe-worthy video to emerge from the meeting. Watch as the Donald tries to hold hands with Melania Trump while they wait to greet Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.

Time and time again, this cretin has proven himself to be unworthy of the office of the president of the United States. Just one embarrassing chapter after another.

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