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Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, have quickly proven that they are absolutely NOT people to mess with—come for them and you better bring your “A” game. During an appearance on CNN over the weekend, Avenatti said he expects recently-seized evidence from Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, will reveal a deeper relationship between Cohen and Fox News’ Sean Hannity than what is currently known. Listen to Avenatti describe why he thinks there is more to be revealed.

Longtime Fox News anchor Brit Hume and fellow Fox mouthpiece Laura Ingraham were discussing Avenatti’s comments about their beloved Sean Hannity. Hume guffawed, brushing off Avenatti’s comments as baseless. Less than 24 hours later, Avenatti took to Twitter to hit back and he brought the receipts. All of them. The complete document can be seen below, but check out the back-and-forth Avenatti’s pushback kicked off with Brit Hume.

You can see the contents of that document below. Avenatti meticulously outlined precisely why he made those comments on CNN. These documents are gold!

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