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This very pathetic example of Trumpian pathology will make that post-presidential biopic pretty amusing.

PBO as Apollo Creed?

Vlad Putin as Ivan Drago?

Or maybe it’s about Trump’s reminding his base about Jim Crow-era anti-miscegenation laws designed to deter race-mixing?

The connection to Stallone makes it seem too stupid for Stephen Miller to construct as a meme, but maybe he had sand kicked on him once at Venice Beach.

The family of the late Jack Jackson unsuccessfully tried to convince President Obama to pardon him. Now that Donald Trump’s wife is on national television enjoying the company of Trump’s nemesis Obama, suddenly Trump is talking about how he’s going to do something that Obama refused to do. This feels like straight up jealousy.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Donald Trump says he’s considering a posthumous pardon for boxing’s first black heavyweight champion more than 100 years after the late Jack Johnson was convicted by all-white jury of accompanying a white woman across state lines.

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  1. Donald Trump is totally and without a doubt the most unstable man in the entire world. It’s no wonder Putin has him under his thumb. To think that the greatest country in the world can be led to disgrace, and destruction because of a true nutcase is beyond belief. It’s a joke and it’s time to stop laughing and put this guy away.

  2. He should pardon during black american month, or may be trump is weird, he does something and expects something in return who knows he is unpredictable and a loose cannonball

  3. It is time that we the american people get out and vote and unseat all does in congress that are worthless and aren’t doing a damn thing to stop this idiot president that has shamed and tarnished this country, lets stop now this wreckless president and those that are with him, who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stop him


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